As a game development studio, you’d think we’d need a list of games somwhere right? well, here it is! (browse at your own risk):

⌈Current project: Explorium⌉


An early-alpha screenshot.

An early-alpha screenshot.

A view of the early (but beautiful) sky graphics.

A view of the early (but beautiful) sky graphics.

Explorium is our first team project, with vaious inputs from everybody in the team (and the community). We are working towards creating a new tpe of 2D sandbox, which aims to focus on adventure and exploration rather than tiering, building and crafting – without compromising on graphics. We are very excited about it, and you should be too!

Some of its features include:

  • Infinite, persistent, randomly generated worlds!
  • Online and LAN multiplayer!
  • Beautiful, smooth lighting!
  • Improved player physics and animation!
  • Highly increased performance!
  • An awesome new soundtrack!
  • Stunning visual effects!

…and a lot more to come!

Check the Explorium page for more details, or click on the IndieDB button below to show us some love and to see what the community thinks.


⌈Older projects:⌉


A turn-based RPG that combines elements of Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress. This game is completely finished. You adventure in an infinite 2D world, fighting and collecting resources to craft items. We like to think of this personal project of Ben’s as a kind of precursor to Explorium.

Erth v5 - 3.1 Full

Neuro Versus Infinity

A multiplayer “Geometry Wars” type game with many randomized features. No longer in development, but a 3D sequel might appear later in the years to come.

Neuro Versus Infinity (v 0.2) (Windows)

The Forced Adventure

You play the role of a young man who is forced to dig around in an old man’s yard for treasures. An old game that has left development a long time ago.

Download The Forced Adventure

⌈And some even older oldies:⌉

These are very old and bad games. Play at your own risk.

Download SaiL

Download Super Mega Coin

Download Digger Enz


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