A Minecraft, Terraria and Junk Jack inspired game about mining, exploring, and appreciating the beauty of infinite randomly generated worlds. The full game will have all the features of the old Explorium and much, much more.

A Huge Update

Explorium was originally made in GameMaker; a slow, simplistic engine made for really basic games.
The current state of the game is broken, filled with bugs, and just plain not worth playing.
But now…

I’ve re-created Explorium in a completely new engine (Microsoft XNA) and it’s going to be awesome.
So, what are some new features, you maybe asking?

New Features
  • Infinite, persistent, randomly generated worlds!
  • Online and LAN multiplayer!
  • Beautiful, smooth lighting!
  • Improved player physics and animation!
  • Highly increased performance!
  • An awesome new soundtrack!
  • Stunning visual effects!

…and a lot more to come!

Release Date / Future Development

The alpha will be released within late 2015.
The ALPHA stage will be free, and not too content-heavy. It will stay on IndieDB.
The BETA stage will hopefully launch onto Desura and grow in popularity. At this point, I will start formal beta testing. The game will be priced at a few dollars.
The FULL RELEASE will hopefully (crossing fingers here!) end up on Steam. The price of the game will be higher than beta.


^ Click me ^

Here is an old version of the game:



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