Explorium Map

New feature: a world mapper that draws all the existing chunks in a world in a given area.


Website revamp!

The website hath been redid.

A new generation of Souper games calls for a new generation of site, so I’ve taken the liberty of redoing everything. All the things.

This is now a central hub for the goings on of the team and our endeavours, to stop the needles confusion of having like, 20 blogs and websites scattered about the internets!

In related news, we should be getting a new logo soon and all sorts of other fun things. Woo!

~ Noah


This site will now be specifically about the team’s projects, no more of my personal projects.


Explorium’s development is going well. The latest video is a lighting teaser:

The alpha should be out this year.

The Team

The team has gained one part-time member: Sophie Kirschner. She will be helping me with code for Explorium and any other games on her own time.

That’s all for now.

Explorium Multiplayer

Explorium multiplayer development has begun! At the moment it’s very minimal and buggy, you can place and break blocks and see other players in local and online multiplayer. You can only see other players as white boxes because player rendering and animation is to dependent on player input to animate properly.

Here is an early screenshot:

Early Explorium multiplayer.