Erth: Magic and Dungeons!

I’ve been working extremely hard on Erth the past month, and here is what I have added:


Dungeons provide a challenging but rewarding way to get treasure. You enter them through openings on the surface. They are randomly generated just like everything else is!

A dungeon. You can see chests and slimes.



Using magic is simple. You go into your Spellbook, choose a spell, and use it! First, though, you need to craft a Magic Wand. Then you enchant an ordinary Book, turning it into a Spellbook. Your Spellbook starts off with one spell, Mana Acquirement I. This spells gives you 50 max mana to use. All spells except that one require some amount of mana. Some magical items require mana to be used. You gain mana naturally by walking around or sleeping.

The Spellbook interface. All collected spells to the left, and info about the selected spell on the right. On the hotbar you can see the spellbook item and next to it a magical item called Crystal Skull.



Sleeping is a very beneficial activity. Not only does it replenish your health and mana, the world is simulated like it normally would, but just really fast. This means you can sleep to pass the time while waiting for trees to grow or something.

Sleeping. The screen is darkened while sleeping.


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