Crafting in Erth

Hey, another post about Erth! This one is about crafting in the game.



As you can see from this screenshot, there are 4 sections of the inventory now.

To the left, there is the standard inventory, which holds all the items you have. You can re-arrange them however you want.

In the middle there is the crafting ingredients area. You can drag up to six items from your inventory to this section, and also take them out again.

To the right there are the possible crafts. These show exactly what you can make with the items you put in the crafting ingredients area.

Some crafts require certain objects to be made, which is the final section below the possible crafts. This shows what crafting stations are near you.


The cool thing about this system is the joy of shoving a bunch of items into the ingredients section, and seeing what comes out!


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