Minecraft: The end of the World?

I play a bit of Minecraft now and then,which is entertaining for a while, but sometimes you just need to experiment, right?
Anyways, I was messing around with the /tp feature when I decided to go to the limit of the allowed coordinates, which happens to be 30,000,000.
This is what I found there:


The end of the world.

After the coordinates of thirty million, all the blocks become un-solid, and there spans a seemingly infinite ocean lined with dirt.

After further investigation, I realized that this ‘ocean’ around the physical minecraft world is infinite, so that means that the whole world is an island. A HUGE ISLAND SPANNING TRILLIONS OF MILES IN EVERY DIRECTION, SURROUNDED BY AN INFINITE OCEAN!!!

…You get the point.



If you happen to have no clue what Minecraft is, follow the link below:



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